Traditional Christening Presents

A child’s christening is a special moment in its life and one that is often shared by loved ones, friends and family. As is part of the tradition, the child is offered presents and these are usually kept for many years, as a memento of the christening.

Sometimes it can be difficult choosing a gift for a child. Many of those being Christened are not much older than toddlers and therefore the choice is limited. This is because traditionally, christening presents aren’t simply colourful toys that the child can play with and damage. The kind of present the child is given is often more formal and ornamental. Due to tradition, the child’s present is most commonly made of silver, but doesn’t necessarily need to be so.

The other potential worry is that you don’t want to get a present that someone else has already bought, so the intention is to always buy a unique gift for the child. Luckily, there are plenty of options still to discover and some examples are described here.

Money boxes are a great gift and can come in silver and a range of designs. Saving up coins to spend on the child is fun and appealing for both parents and children!

Keepsake boxes are always popular and are the perfect gift to place valuable belongings of the child. Again, the range of keepsake boxes is very wide.

Pocket photo albums are growing in popularity and are an excellent way of displaying the child’s best pictures from a young age. It could also contain photos from the christening itself and serve as a reminder of the special day.

Decorative plate and cutlery sets are a very practical gift. A traditional present is the silver spoon which can be personalised and engraved with the child’s name on it.

Photo frames, preferably in silver are popular gifts, but always gladly appreciated, due to the need to display new photos of the baby or child. They can also be bought in many styles and designs.

Other fantastic traditional christening gifts are bunting, note cards, engraved message tokens, personalised cuddly toys, birth certificate holder, bracelets, silver bookmarks and other ornaments.

As you can see, there is quite an array of interesting christening presents and many of these can be acquired from the high street or internet. Lots of these can also be personalised and specially engraved to accommodate a message or name of the child.

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