A Moment to Pause… The Present Moment

Ancient Eastern philosophers discovered through millennia of observing and meditating that we live in two very different worlds simultaneously. This belief is now apparent as reality presented by theories in Quantum physics. The material world of name and form, which we experience with our five sense perceptions, is a manifested, finite world of complex fluctuations. Intertwined with this existence of physical “things” is a tiny subtle world that operates under different physical laws.

This subtle world is fascinating, as it has been learned that it cannot be observed, because by observing, that which is being observed is “altered” by the Observer. This subtle world cannot be experienced by the intellect. It can only be experienced by becoming One with it. In other words, “to BE it.” And the only way to BE in this infinite space of all eternity is to enter it… well, “empty.”

Empty means free of all hindrances, ideals, perceptions, thought, beliefs… the only way in is through complete stillness of the mind. This is state of “pure luminosity” can only be achieved through high states of consciousness, or meditation.

Most people have no meditation experience at all. Or, if they have attempted it in the past, they notice Monkey Mind right away, and quit in frustration. So many times I have heard my clients say, “I can’t meditate… my mind is too busy!” Then… even more reason to take up the practice!!! A busy mind, is simply an untrained mind. And the victim is you… spending a lifetime in a virtual prison of emotional ups and downs… the cause for all suffering. The Buddha’s entire lifetime was spent teaching this phenomenon, and how to escape it.

Thankfully, I have come upon a simple exercise that I call “The Pause,” which easily guides one’s mind into the present moment. I find it extremely important for my clients to actually experience the present moment prior to attempting a dedicated meditation practice.

The steps below are easily learned, and can be practiced anywhere at any time. The more “time” you have in the present moment, the more you have a subtle world of infinite possibilities available to you!

Being the Present Moment. Pause

Sit comfortable. Be comfortable. Notice the position of your body. Notice how your feet feel on the floor. Notice how the shoes fit your feet. Become aware of how your pants feel on your body. Is the material soft or course? What is the temperature in the room? Does your hands and face feel warm, or is a cool breeze gently touching them? Notice the posture of your spine. The weight of your shoulders.

Take in a deep breath. Hold at the top… and gently release the air. How does the air feel exhaling from your nostrils? Is the movement of air soft and light, or rushed? Does the air feel warm on your lip? Notice these things, and BE. Here. Now.

Take pause. Sit. Be Still. Just breathe, and notice how your body feels experiencing the intake and exhalation of air.

This is the present moment.

Sit. Still. Here. Now… in this “space.” Take notice of hearing. Let your hearing be wide. What sounds do you notice? Do you hear your breath? Is there soft rustling in the background? Do you hear cars or people outside? Is there music playing? Can you hear a clock? Just notice the sounds. Let the vibration of sound rise, and then fall. Notice all sounds, but try not to label them. Be. Here. Now. Listen to the present moment.

Take pause. Sit. Notice taste. How does your mouth feel? Is there a feeling of warmth? Dryness? Perhaps you still experience a sweetness left over from lunch. Swallow. Notice the sensations involved with this experience. No judging. Only noticing. Become aware of the heat, texture, elements in the present moment that involve taste. This is the present moment. Nothing more. Nothing less. It. Just. Is.

Be. Here. Now. Breathe. Feel the air coming into your lungs. Does your stomach rise and fall with each breath?? This is life. This is you breathing. This is now.

Open your eyes. Take in the sensation of sight. See as you have never seen before. Take in color. Light. Texture. Depth. Perspective. Reflections. This is sight. This is seeing. Be. Here. Now and see.

Close your eyes. Feel your breath. Feel your body… notice its posture. Notice if you feel warm or chilled. Notice the floor meeting your feet. Breathe. Breathe again. Here. Now. In this moment.

You may now end the exercise. You have fully witnessed the present moment.: )

May you be this Peace.

The Power of “the Pause.”

The Pause, allows the mind time to re-wire with the truth. You will begin to respond to all situations from your highest good. Simple approach, not simple to remember and APPLY. Intentions are great, but APPLICATION brings the greatest desired results, because your intentions are NOW aligned with your highest Self.

I practice this exercise for 5 seconds before responding to most things. For example, before answering the phone. Before walking into a meeting. Before eating. Pause, and remember, ” I am pure, perfect, and complete.” Remember who you are dealing with is also Pure, perfect and Complete.

This is a present moment awareness, from which you can then plan other activities, be in a meeting, perform a task… etc.

This week, try to remember to take a pause before you begin any new task. When you arrive home from being out, pause before you enter your home. Before you meet with anyone… pause.

These tiny experiences of present moment awareness, will enormously expand awareness into EVERY area of your life. The process is easy, but it is difficult to train ourselves to apply the practice into our lives.

Spend an entire week applying the pause in your daily life, and setting aside 5 minutes a day to go through the entire process.

In Peace and Blessing ~ Melinda

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