What is Coronary Stents?

What is Coronary Stents?

Coronary stents are tubular metallic devices that are expandable and can be used in the clogged arteries of patients that are suffering from an underlying atherosclerosis condition. The procedure of revascularization is also known as the percutaneous coronary intervention or coronary angioplasty after the introduction of the stent.

After the safe placement of coronary stents market, the coronary dissection and the vascular recoil are eliminated because of the expandable and metallic meshwork of the stent, which prohibits the negative remodeling. The first coronary stent was designed in the 1980s, since then it has shown improvement in the shape, structure, and material that is used for designing them.

Working of Coronary Stents:

Coronary stents are the small, wired mesh tubes that allow the widening of a clogged artery and restoration of adequate blood flow to the heart. During the procedure, the cardiologist places the stent over a long, thin tube with a balloon tip called as a catheter and allows the insertion into the groin area or the arm region. After the stent reaches the clogged artery, the cardiologist will allow inflation of the balloon for expanding the stent. After the stent reaches the appropriate size for widening the clogged artery, the doctor will allow deflation of the balloon and its removal.

However, the stent will be staying in the place permanently for propping open the artery and for decreasing the chances of narrowing down again.

Different types of Coronary Stents Market

Bare-Metal Stents

Bare metal stents are made of tiny mesh wired tubes, which allow the widening of the clogged artery but do not have a coating of the polymer or drugs that helps to avoid re-blockage of the arteries. These types of stents can be used in patients that are allergic to certain polymers or do not require drugs that are eluted from the drug eluting stents.

Drug-Eluting Stents

A drug-eluting stent is a bare-metal stent which has a coating of the polymer and allows the gradual release of the drugs over a period of time when the re-blocking of the arteries is about to take place. The drug eluting stents help in order to minimize the chances of the artery blockage from happening again. There are two subcategories of drug eluting stents namely:

Permanent Polymer Drug-Eluting Stent

In this particular type of stent, the polymer is placed onto the stent permanently even after the release of the entire drug permanently.

Bioresorbable Polymer Drug-Eluting Stent

In this type of stent, the polymer and the drug coatings are absorbed fully by the body shortly after the drug has been released fully. This tends to promote better healing after elimination of the long term polymer exposure.

We designed XIENCE Sierra with the goal of helping more people with coronary artery disease regain their health and return to their daily lives as quickly as possible. These remarkable results provide strong support for the safety and efficacy of polymer-based delivery of paclitaxel in treating coronary artery disease in complex cases.

Companies such as XX have devices that are drug eluting coronary stents. Some companies who have worked to provide advancement in coronary stents by offering next generation devices. Microport s products, XX , and Orchestra Biomed’s product, XX , are drug eluting stents and Bioresorbable scaffolds that do not allow the re-blockage of the arteries unlike the bare metal stents. Due to rising prevalence of cardiovascular diseases (CVDs), such as stroke and heart attack, along with the growing geriatric population at higher risk of these cardiac diseases this domain will experience a boost in the market.

The Virtue Sirolimus AngioInfusion Balloon allows protected delivery of the drug and consistently delivers the standard dose for reducing the potential downstream ischemia from large particulates. It delivers sirolimus, an anti-restenotic, cytostatic drug that offers a safety window.

Coronary stents are placed in class III of product classification by the U.S. FDA. For class III devices, the sponsor must implement a Quality Management System (QMS) that meets FDA Quality System Regulation (QSR). It requires to confirm to the clinical studies. An Investigational Device Exemption (IDE) must be applied if clinical studies are required and sponsor should develop clinical trial protocol and conduct study. Manufacturer must prepare and submit a PMA Premarket Notification application and pay required fee. FDA issues PMA approval letter and is posted online. At this time, the sponsor must be in full compliance with QSRs.

The present reimbursement scenario in the United States includes a mix of public and private third-party coverage and employers, individuals, and the government all contribute to the costs related to healthcare. The individual and employers pay premiums to private insurance companies to cover healthcare costs. The government provides coverage at two-level- federal level (Medicare, Department of Defense, and Bureau of Indian Affairs) and state level (Medicaid) to specific populations. The government usually protects the sub-populations typically include the elderly (65 and older), low-income, disabled, and veterans, among others. Private insurers may also provide care coverage to citizens that receive government insurance (Medicare/Medicaid).

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New Hope Presented in Growing Alzheimer’s Field at Conference

This week the annual 2015 Alzheimer’s Association International Conference took place in Washington, DC. The conference is an opportunity for dementia researchers from around the world to come together and share their study results around the prevention and treatment strategies for Alzheimer’s and other dementias. The presentations demonstrated a diversity of treatment-related findings which is good news for patients and should be noted by those in the pharma sales field as it means the expansion of options for treatment.

Results from more than a dozen experimental drug studies at AAIC show the research community attacking Alzheimer’s disease from multiple angles, targeting the underlying causes and some of the most pernicious symptoms. Data from pharmaceutical company Eli Lilly suggests its solanezumab drug can cut the rate of the dementia’s progression by about a third. A new trial is due to report next year and should provide definitive evidence. The death of brain cells in Alzheimer’s is currently unstoppable. Solanezumab may be able to keep them alive.

Advances such as theses show a clear maturation of the Alzheimer’s research field, a recognition of the need for a broader attack, and hint at future possibilities for combination therapy. New reports included advanced trials and new analyses in three drugs targeting the abnormal amyloid protein that forms plaques in the brain (one of the hallmarks of Alzheimer’s), plus three drug trials that target other pathways and symptoms in the disease, including psychiatric symptoms such as agitation.

This is good news as projections reported by The Lewin Group for the Alzheimer’s Association show that 28 million American baby boomers will get Alzheimer’s by midcentury — which will consume nearly 25 percent of Medicare spending in 2040 — unless there are significant advances in treatment and prevention. A study by the same group released earlier this year suggested that a treatment that delays the onset of Alzheimer’s by five years could save $220 billion within the first few years of its introduction.

Also concerning was the information that women are at the epicenter of Alzheimer’s disease. According to Alzheimer’s Association 2015 Alzheimer’s Disease Facts and Figures, almost two-thirds of American seniors living with Alzheimer’s disease are women.

On the more promising side, studies indicated that brain scans, memory tests and body fluids may hold the keys to understanding a person’s likelihood of developing Alzheimer’s, even among those who don’t have memory and thinking problems associated with the disease. A highlight from the conference was a study that suggests it could someday be possible to detect Alzheimer’s-like changes in saliva, which is simple to obtain, easily transportable and has been successfully used in diagnosing a variety of diseases and conditions. Another study suggests positron emission tomography (PET) scans of brain inflammation could one day be used to detect the disease and track the impact of treatment.

Worldwide, around 36 million people are living with Alzheimer’s disease – a condition that accounts for around 60-80% of dementia cases. In the US alone, around 5.3 million people are living with the disease – of whom 5.1 million are aged 65 and older. Over the next 10 years, the number of seniors with the condition is expected to rise to 7.1 million. By 2050, around 13.8 million older adults will be living with Alzheimer’s. This year, it is estimated that around 700,000 people in the US aged 65 and older will die from Alzheimer’s, making it the 6th leading cause of death in the country – the only cause of death in the top 10 for which their is no way to prevent, slow or cure it.

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